Suresh Dhruv: Exemplifying Courage and Commitment in Law Enforcement

Suresh Dhruv’s journey is a testament to dedication, bravery, and unwavering commitment to serving his nation. With a background in physics and extensive experience in law enforcement, Dhruv’s illustrious career spans over decades, marked by remarkable achievements and heroic endeavors. Beginning as a sub-inspector in Madhya Pradesh in 1998, his journey led him through various challenging terrains, including the Naxal-affected regions of Dantewada and kondagaon district.

His leadership during anti-Naxal operations, coupled with his strategic approach to combating crime, earned him accolades and recognition, including awards for outstanding policing and bravery. From tackling organized crime syndicates to leading operations against drug trafficking, Dhruv’s contributions have been invaluable in maintaining law and order.

Currently serving as Deputy Superintendent of Police in Raipur’s Anti-Corruption Bureau, Dhruv continues to exemplify excellence in policing and remains dedicated to serving society. His story is not just one of professional achievement, but also a testament to the enduring spirit of public service and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Awards and achievements:

  1. Awarded “All Round Best Trainee” at the Police Academy in Sagar, MP, receiving a 12-bore gun and the Governor’s Gold Medal.
  2. Recognized with the “Best Thana Incharge” award nine times while serving as Thana Prabhari in various districts.
  3. Received the prestigious “Indradhanush Award” three times for exemplary policing in Chhattisgarh Police.
  4. Honoured with the GTV Award for outstanding policing
  5. Acknowledged by multiple social organisations for contributions to
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