PM Modi Urges Presiding Officers to Uphold Decorum, Efficiency in Legislatures, Emphasizes Women & Youth Participation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the All India Presiding Officers’ Conference via video message, underscoring its significance as it coincides with the 75th Republic Day and pays tribute to the architects of the Indian Constitution.

Learning from the Past: Prime Minister Modi urged the Presiding Officers to draw inspiration from the Constituent Assembly’s ability to forge consensus across diverse ideologies and backgrounds. He encouraged them to leave a legacy that future generations can admire, emphasizing the need for efficient and productive legislatures.

Enhancing Productivity and Decorum: Highpointing the importance of a conducive environment in legislative bodies, PM Modi stressed how member conduct directly impacts productivity. He called for concrete suggestions to improve decorum and productivity, lamenting the tendency of parties to support instead of correcting misbehavior. This approach, he warned, harms the image of both Parliament and Legislatures.

Accountability in Public Life: Emphasizing the need for accountability, PM Modi expressed concern over the normalization of glorifying convicted individuals. He urged the conference to discuss and propose solutions to address this growing issue, which threatens the integrity of all democratic institutions.

State Legislatures and Economic Progress: Recognizing the vital role of state governments and their legislative assemblies in India’s progress, PM Modi stressed that strong legislative and executive collaboration is crucial for defining and achieving development goals. He highlighted the importance of empowered committees in propelling economic progress, urging proactive participation to boost state growth.

Streamlining Laws for Ease of Living: Commending the central government’s efforts to repeal outdated laws, PM Modi called upon the Presiding Officers to identify and eliminate unnecessary laws that burden citizens. He emphasized that simplifying the legal framework enhances ease of living for all.

Prioritizing Women and Youth Participation: Emphasizing the need for greater female representation, PM Modi encouraged discussions on boosting women’s participation in committees across India. He further stressed the importance of involving youth in the policy-making process, stating that young representatives deserve more opportunities to share their perspectives.

One Nation-One Legislative Platform: Recalling his proposal for a “One Nation-One Legislative Platform” from the 2021 conference, PM Modi expressed satisfaction with the progress made through initiatives like E-Vidhan and Digital Sansad. He encouraged continued collaboration between Parliament and State Assemblies to achieve this overarching goal.

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