Nashik’s Mansi Sanjay Wagh awarded the title of Youngest Psychologist of the Year 2023

Nashik’s Manasi Sanjay Wagh, who has extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication, has been honored with the title of Youngest Psychologist of the Year 2023 by MTTV India Digital News Media.

MTTV India has given this award to Mansi for her transformative work in the field of psychology and coaching. You have been a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals striving for personal growth and well-being.

Manasi Sanjay Wagh’s journey to becoming a respected psychologist and renowned coach exemplifies dedication, compassion and a deep commitment to empowering others. With immense expertise in understanding the human mind, Mansi has been instrumental in guiding individuals on the path of healing, resilience and self-discovery. Psychologist and renowned trainer Mansi Sanjay Wagh has emerged as a leading voice in promoting mental health and well-being through her pioneering articles on the power of compassion.

Your excellent work has been written about by leading platforms including Express Times, Web Stories India, The Entrepreneur Bytes, The Filmi Beat, Bharat Exclusive, Indian-Express, Indian Flux, Best of Hindustan, Digital Scoop India and Medium.

You have explored the transformative effects of compassion on emotional, resilience and personal growth, with an unwavering dedication to promoting a positive and compassionate approach to mental well-being. Your articles provide invaluable insight into how practicing compassion toward yourself and others can lead to greater mental and emotional well-being.

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