Dr. Dinesh Sabnis is conferred with the award of Education Diplomacy and International Relations Leader Of The Year 2023 | India’s Iron Men Award 2023

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis : Education Diplomacy & International Relations Leader Of The Year 2023

Congratulations on being recognized as one of the India’s Iron Men Award- 2023 SEASON- 2. As a India’s Iron Men awardee, you have not only demonstrated excellence in your chosen field but have also shown a commitment to driving positive change in the world. Your leadership has the potential to shape the future and inspire generations to come. MTTV INDIA (Digital Media News Portal) Honor India’s Iron Men. It is important to give recognition to men’s also for their sacrifices and contribution to their friends , family and society Because every MAN is a IRON MAN. 

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis is Ex. Ranji Player, Senior Education Leader, Sports Mentor & Author of Book Sports Coaching Simplified. Dr. Sabnis has been part of Education Field for past 17 years and in recent time have tremendously contributed in Education Diplomacy & International Relations through various projects at various IGOs & Government level. Dr. Sabnis has been working on various UN SDG Goals related to Quality Education, Health & Wellbeing, Peace & Security & International Collaborations for past 7 years and In recent time has been appointed in position of Addl. Representative in United Nations Geneva Office for WFDP & Secretary General for UN Peacekeepers Veterans Association-SPIA for Indian Delegation. Dr. Dinesh Sabnis has already received Rajya Puraskar from Government of Maharashtra & Peace Medal from SPIA in United Nations Geneva Office. 

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